The Little Bakery Shop - Cakes, Cookies & Other Yummy Stuff

Raised Glazed
Twits - Cinnamon & Sugar
Sour Cream Old Fashioned

Chocolate & Vanilla Cake with Sprinkles
Apple Fritter 
GlazedMaple Bar
Chocolate Bar

The Idaho - Bar with chocolate glaze topped with potato chips
The Gem State - Bismark with vanilla icing & chocolate rocks
The Bronco - Blueberry cake topped with orange icing
Morning Zinger - Chocolate cake topped with vanilla icing & crushed                               espresso beans
The Hoser - Bar topped with maple & bacon
Strawberry Shortcake - Bismark filled and glazed with strawberry
Orange Dream- Bismark filled and glazed wtih orange
Caramel Apple - Apple Fritter glazed and covered with caramel
Nampa Cream Pie - Bismark filled with Bavarian Cream topped with Chocolate (Think Boston Cream Pie)

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